4 Ways to Get Ready for Beach Season

bathing suit season

bathing suit seasonThere’s nothing quite like the feeling of self-confidence during swimsuit season. But if you’re not quite ready to slip into a bikini yet, don’t sweat it. There are several cosmetic enhancement options that can help you get ready for beach season without going through a lengthy recovery time. However, it’s important to choose a plastic surgeon who is committed to making sure your treatment plan truly is the right choice for you. “During the later spring months, I do typically see an increase in women who are interested in getting a great bikini body, but each of my patients receives an individualized set of treatment recommendations,” says Dr. Preminger, a board-certified plastic surgeon in NYC. “It’s my goal to enhance natural beauty in a way that looks both artistic and natural,” she adds.

Sculpt your silhouette with laser lipo

For some women, laser liposuction may be a good option for enhancing natural beauty by sculpting the body to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. Laser-assisted liposuction is usually appropriate for patients who are within a healthy weight range, but still struggle to get rid of fat deposits—such as those on the hips, thighs, abdomen, and upper arms.

Laser lipo is similar to traditional lipo, but with a noticeable difference. Laser lipo liquefies the fat before suctioning it out. Conventional liposuction simply suctions it out without liquefying it. The use of the laser makes the newer technique far gentler. Plus, the plastic surgeon will use another wavelength of laser afterward to stimulate the tissues to create more collagen. This helps keep the treated skin tight and taut.

Try a noninvasive approach with CoolSculpting

If you want results similar to laser lipo, but prefer not to have any incisions or recovery time, consider asking a plastic surgeon about CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting uses special cooling technology to freeze the fat cells, while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. The frozen fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from the body over time. There are no incisions, no bandages, and no restrictions on activities afterward. However, the results do take a little time to be noticeable, so schedule an appointment right away.

Restore youthfulness with Ultherapy

Ultherapy is an excellent choice for many adults who want to restore their youthful beauty to their face and neck areas, but aren’t ready for a facelift yet. Ultherapy is noninvasive. It uses ultrasound technology to gently, yet effectively stimulate collagen production, and to tighten and lift the skin.

Choose breast augmentation without a lengthy recovery time

If you’re dissatisfied with your bikini body because of a small cup size, consider talking to a plastic surgeon about autologous fat transfer. This is a way to augment the size of the breasts without getting breast implants. It’s a less invasive surgery that requires a shorter recovery time. As an added bonus, the fatty tissue transferred to your breasts is completely natural, as it comes from your own fat deposits elsewhere on your body.

Beach season is nearly here, so don’t delay scheduling your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Preminger in Manhattan. A board-certified plastic surgeon, she is renowned for her technical skills and artistic eye. Dr. Preminger is committed to working closely with each patient to enhance natural beauty and boost self-confidence. Call her NYC office today!

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