Effective Solutions for Eliminating Bra Line Bulges

Girl in bra (top only)

Girl in bra (top only)For many women, battling the bulge involves much more than watching the waistline. In fact, it can be very difficult to deal with bulges above or below the bra strap through diet and exercise alone, given that these unsightly “rolls” may be comprised of both excess fat and excess skin. While camouflaging the area with bulky clothing is a short-term fix, there are more permanent options available.

Liposuction and CoolSculpting are two effective body contouring procedures that can reduce fat around the bra area.

Removing bra fat with lipo

Tumescent liposuction can quickly remove excess “bra fat” that plagues even the fittest of women. However, this area of the body does have very fibrous tissue, which requires a delicate touch. Given the various lipo techniques that can mean the difference between a good result and a superb outcome, it pays to enlist the skills of an experienced plastic surgeon who can determine whether you’re a good candidate.

Many benefits of CoolSculpting

You may also be an excellent candidate for CoolSculpting. Since CoolSculpting is entirely non-surgical, there are no incisions or sutures needed and the side effects are minimal.

CoolSculpting involves the application of a device to either side of the fat rolls. The device chills the fat cells underneath the skin, causing them to die. The device does not affect the skin or other tissues. The body can then naturally eliminate the crystalized cells from the body.

It can take a little time to see the full results of CoolSculpting, since the body will not eliminate the fat cells right away. Most patients can begin to see improvements in about three weeks, with the most dramatic improvements visible in about two months after the treatment. For four to six months following a treatment session, the body continues to eliminate fat cells. Once fat cells are eliminated, they are gone for good.

CoolSculpting is especially well-suited to targeting stubborn bulges of fat such as the rolls above or below the bra strap. It is not intended as a primary method of weight loss, but it can effectively address rolls of fat that do not respond well to regular exercise and diet alone.

CoolSculpting for NYC residents

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