Taylor Swift Fan Who Drops 425 Pounds Has Surgery to Remove Loose Skin

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Shirtless muscular male torsoOnce morbidly obese, Ronnie Brower is now the healthiest and happiest he’s ever been in his life. The New York native shed a massive 425 pounds by working out to the musical stylings of pop star Taylor Swift. Over the span of two years, Brower did intense cardio, abdominal crunches and strength training exercises to drop down to a healthy weight – all while listening to Swift’s motivating tunes.

The only catch to his hard work?  Despite his amazing body transformation, Brower’s skin was so stretched out by his former frame that he was left with 35 pounds of loose, sagging flesh. His newly toned muscles were literally overshadowed by a curtain of skin, and the only remedy was plastic surgery.

Brower gave Inside Edition the scoop on his body sculpting surgery – a 15-hour procedure that left him with multiple long scars. Thrilled with his results, Brower isn’t bothered by the scars and jokingly tells people he was bitten by a shark.

Full body lift removes excess skin

The skin can only take so much stretching before it begins to lose its elastic resiliency. When obese patients finally take off large amounts of weight, they are often troubled with skin that simply cannot “snap back” to its original form. Loose folds of skin are more prone to rashes and yeast infections, and make it incredibly challenging to fit into clothing without strange bulges sticking out. Some patients are forced to tuck extra belly skin down into their pants trying to hide their secret.

This problem is quite common among patients who have undergone weight loss surgery (such as a gastric bypass) and dropped 150 pounds or more. Heaps of drooping, extra skin is the unfortunate price of extreme weight loss, and one that is rarely discussed when hearing success stories.

Plastic surgery after substantial weight loss comes in many forms, and may include a panniculectomy and tummy tuck, combined with thigh and arm lifts. Brower’s skin removal surgery took the better part of a day and entailed weeks of recovery, but the outcome was definitely worth it. He says he can finally – for the first time ever – comfortably fit into a dress suit.

Brower, like hundreds of other weight loss patients who chose to go under the knife, has finally got a fresh outlook on life – one that is free of the heavy reminder of his former, unhealthy self.

Plastic surgery after significant weight loss

Extra sagging skin after major weight loss is a huge physical and emotional impediment to a healthy lifestyle. It can also contribute to poor self-image and intimacy problems. Dr. B. Aviva Preminger is poised to help patients regain confidence and self-esteem and offers a number of body contouring procedures in her NYC office.

Body lift surgeries promise smoother, more natural contours — and some research suggests – a better chance at keeping off the weight long term. For more information about body contouring after weight loss or to schedule a consultation, please call Dr. Preminger’s Park Avenue office at 212-706-1900.